Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Wonderland

As many of you did, Anna Dixon and I really enjoyed the snow last week. Just leave it to winter in the south to be snow last week and 70's predicted for next week. It started snowing last Thursday as we were on our way home from church. AD was already getting excited on the car ride home pointing out the window and saying, "Snow! Snow!" I don't think she quite understood why she was so excited, though. She was just imitating her cousins who she had just been with at church. The snow was starting to stick to the top of our monkey grass by the time we got home, but when I came back into the den after putting AD down for her nap, there was a "southern winter wonderland" outside (a.k.a. about 2 inches of snow on the ground). Thankfully, it kept snowing until she woke up. So, I conjured up my best "snow outfit" for her, and we headed outside. We had a blast, threw snowballs at the trees, and loved making tracks in the snow with our shoes. AD finally realized what all the fuss was about and really loved the snow! In fact, she and Tommy went out for round two in the yard when he got home. Actually, this was not AD's first snow. It was her fourth. It snowed the day we brought her home from the hospital, Christmas day the year she was born, and then again on New Year's day. But, this was definitely the most memorable one in her mind to date...and who knows when it will snow down here again!

when it was really coming down!

Sadler enjoyed the snow too!

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