Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1st Mother's Day

Last Sunday was my first Mother's Day. It was a long awaited and very special celebration. I promised you I would be honest about what we have been through, so here is confession #1. I have not been to church on Mother's Day in two years. I am not saying that was right but it was how I coped with our situation. It was just too painful to watch other young mothers celebrate while my heart ached so badly. This year it was not only my first Mother's Day, but Anna Dixon was baptized that Sunday. It was so special! Not only did the Lord answer my prayers by making me a mother, but we claimed God's promise to us as a family with the baptismal sign that Anna Dixon is His covenant child. Our prayer is that she will come to know Him as her personal Lord and Saviour at a very young age. My cousin Bill who married me and Tommy baptized her which made it extra special. After church my mom and sister gave an absolutely wonderful celebration brunch for our families and some close friends...thank you! It was an all around fabulous day that I will never forget. Anna Dixon was baptized in the same gown as her cousins, Samuel and Mary Ryburn. Their names are embroidered on the slip along with their baptism dates as a historical record. Of course we took some pictures...
My family

Our friends Mitchell and Gigi
and our god daughter
Anna Holt

Tommy's family

Anna Dixon and Anna Holt
getting to know each other

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1st Easter

Anna Dixon had a big Easter weekend. Not only was it her first Easter but it was also her first road trip. She was quite surprised to learn that there is more than one state in the USA. She did great both on the way to Bibi's house and on the way back home. In addition to traveling, she was able to meet so many close friends who have supported and prayed for us along the way. It was a busy busy weekend, and she was a champ through it all. On Friday, we had a chance to have lunch with two of my best friends from college, Lauren and Alicia. On Saturday we had lunch with our dear family friends on both sides, the Ingrams, and got to see another best friend, Monica. Anna Dixon also met my mom's sweet neighbors and two of her good friends. She smiled and cooed and slept and was just as precious as can be. It was so good to see everyone! Everybody was so excited to meet our precious angel. So many people have played a part in praying Anna Dixon home...I am overwhelmed by all the love and joy...thank you!

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day with the family. How amazing that we all get to celebrate God's fulfillment of His promise of redemption through His son Jesus Christ. Easter is a wonderful reminder of our adoption as sons and daughters of the Lord. My prayer is that Anna Dixon's earthly adoption will always point her to her ultimate adoption in Christ. Tommy and I say to each other all the time that we could not love her more...but the Lord does. Isn't that amazing? Praise the Lord for His grace freely given to us through the death and resurrection of His only son!

Now here are some pictures from Anna Dixon's 1st Easter weekend...

AD and my friend Lauren
All our wonderful friends
AD and Bibi

AD and Grand Bob