Friday, May 25, 2012

Life Goes On

I realized that I never posted about Mother's Day or the first year anniversary of Anna Dixon's adoption finalization. AD's finalization was April 6th which was Easter weekend this year. So, it kinda got lost in the shuffle of the holiday. Looking back it was kinda nice. Her finalization was so long awaited, and it will always be a special day, but it is nice that we have moved on with the business of raising our precious bunnykins and are not still in the process of adopting her. Likewise, last Mother's Day AD was baptized. It was a wonderful way to celebrate my first much anticipated Mother's Day! This year I had a great Mother's Day as well. My mom, Bibi, was in town, and we had an great time just hanging out with family. The big moment for me this year was our church service. It is a tradition in our church to have all the mothers and expectant mothers stand up during the service to be recognized. Last year I was taking AD back to the nursery during that time, and in years past I have always dreaded that moment. This year I was able to stand up and be recognized with all the other mothers with tears streaming down my face praising God for granting me the desire of my heart! Next year I'm looking forward to it being a happy moment but not so is just really nice sometimes how life goes on.

sporting her new shades

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Atlanta or Bust!

Last weekend we took Anna Dixon to the Atlanta aquarium. We headed out Friday after lunch, and stopped by Ikea (one of our favs!) once we got to town. Then we checked into our hotel and were a bit concerned that the room was TINY and there was no bathtub. But figuring we would just make do, we headed on to dinner. Tommy and I like to eat at local restaurants when we travel and found the most precious family owned Greek restaurant in Buckhead. It was delicious and the staff/ family loved AD. They brought her hummus, rice pudding, and a sucker before we left. After walking around the Virginia Highlands area of town (another fav!), we headed back to the hotel. Well I never knew my  bunnykins was such a creature of habit, but she did NOT take to her new surroundings very well at all. After continually struggling to get her down in her pack 'n play, we finally got her to go to sleep in bed with us about 4:00 a.m. She tossed and turned back and forth between me and Tommy for the rest of the night. Saturday morning we decided it might be best to cut our trip short and head home after the aquarium instead of staying another night.

Even though we were all exhausted, we had a great time at the aquarium. It was so child friendly, and AD loved running from window to window, going down the whale slide, and crawling through all the tunnels. In fact she loved the tunnels so much that we couldn't get her out of one and Tommy had to go in after her! She wasn't too sure of the dolphin show at first, but I think she really liked it in the end. I was impressed with how long she lasted considering how little sleep she had had. Despite our abbreviated stay, we all had a good time...and I think we are going to do a couple of trial runs sleeping in the pack 'n play before our beach trip at the end of the summer!

"yay ikea!"

"bye mom and dad"

"okay i'm coming out"

all tuckered out