Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Dirty Mouth!

Anna Dixon has a not so clean mouth these days. Lately she has been running a low grade fever on and off with no other symptoms, and I'm guessing this is why...The other day we found her face down in Sadler's water bowl drinking the water! THEN the next day...Tommy walked into the bathroom and found her giggling as she swirled her pacifier around in the toilet!! YIKES! I'm going to have to keep my eye on my adventurous yet not so sanitary bunnykins!

cause two paci's are better
than one...don't worry this was
 taken pre toilet incident!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Fun!

Anna Dixon had a busy Easter season. Her good friend Anna Holt invited her over for lunch, an Easter egg hunt, and some bunny cake Palm Sunday weekend! Her playgroup had an egg hunt Easter week. And, the Easter bunny also left eggs in our front last Sunday, but AD could not quite make it through Easter lunch and went down for her nap just before dessert. Her cousins managed to find all the eggs without her though! Actually despite all the Easter fun, AD was not that into hunting eggs. I am sure next year will be quite a different story. Her favorite Easter treats were definitely her two new purses. She got one from the Easter bunny in her basket and one from Bibi who came to visit last weekend. She is really into the cell phones and the fake lipstick that came inside them. It will be a lot of fun when AD really gets into the Easter Bunny (that we forgot to take her to see...ooopps...although based on her visit with Santa Claus that might not have been a bad thing).

But, what will be more amazing is when she fully understands the awesome love, ultimate sacrifice, and amazing grace given to her by her heavenly Father. I hope that one day she will truly comprehend the gravity of her sin and that Christ bore her sin on the cross and conquered sin and death through His resurrection. I long for the day when AD is not only my precious gift from above but she is also my precious sister in that will be something to celebrate!

For now here are some pictures of this year's Easter fun...

enjoying some cake
after the big hunt!
all her playgroup friends

not sure about
 the bunny ears