Friday, October 8, 2010

He's got this!

Lately, Tommy and I have been feeling really discouraged about the adoption process. As some of you may know, in domestic adoption the birth mother chooses the adoptive parents by looking at scrapbooks we create about ourselves. ALOT of emphasis is put on these books. They are supposed to be big, colorful, and full of pictures of our house, our families, our vacations, and activities. We are supposed to make ourselves look as "fun and interesting" as possible. Adoption is wonderful and mandated by the gospel. Where would we be without our spiritual adoption in Christ? But, this process seems very superficial sometimes. What do our vacations, house, or activities really have to do with what type of parents we will be? Why does it have to be this way?

Well, the other day Tommy got an email from a friend that he hasn't spoken to in months. She and her husband adopted a child as well, and here is what the email said.

"I have been thinking about you and your wife for the last couple of days…I keep hearing GOD tell me to contact you…so how are you?

Do you ever watch the George Lopez show…I watch it sometimes on Nick at Night and he is always telling his wife, "I got this!" which usually means he is going to mess it up! But it is so funny that I love that phrase…Well, this summer when my church, at my insistence, did our first VBS in years, GOD kept telling me, "I got this!!!" He made it a HUGE success!!!!

Now, he keeps whispering to me to let you know that "He's got this!!!" I don't know what this is…but rest assured He has it…"

Our God is an awesome God, and He's got this! This process may not be perfect, but He is sovereign over all of it...Amen!