Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trip to the Zoo

Tommy had President's Day off last week, so we took our first family trip to the zoo. Tommy has been with Anna Dixon, and I have taken her too, but all three of us have never been to our hometown zoo together. In fact, we are anticipating so many more trips to the zoo that we bought a zoo pass. It will save us a LOT of money over the next year. AD seemed to really enjoy it, although she was a bit unsure when the spider monkey came up to the window and sat down right in front of her. She was a bit unsure of the gorilla too...not a big monkey fan I guess? Our hometown has a great zoo! We didn't even make it all the way through before it was time for lunch. We ate at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants close by. AD loves guacamole and rice and beans. As we were finishing up lunch all the sudden she leaned down took both of her shoes off and put them on the table. It was very random and pretty hilarious! We have a picture of it below. She is definitely our cute little mess and always making us laugh. That's all for now. It has been raining here all week...definitely looking forward to some sunshine and round two at the zoo!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I had a great Valentine's day yesterday with my sweetie and my little angel! Since Anna Dixon's birthday is in December so close to Christmas, we decided to spread gifts out this year. So, we gave her a grocery cart filled with groceries and a copy of Lady and the Tramp for her Valentine's gift. She loved the grocery cart yesterday morning, kept pulling the groceries in and out, and pushing it around with "Larry the Lion" in the baby seat. Unfortunately, yesterday afternoon it tipped over on her and scared her pretty bad...she hasn't touched it since. Oh well, in a day or so she will forget about "the incident" and be back to playing with it. Last night I made Tommy's favorite meal, eggplant parmesan, for supper. Anna Dixon had spaghettios for her Valentine's supper. For dessert I made chocolate covered, strawberries, bananas, and graham crackers. AD enjoyed the bananas and crackers very much as evident in the pictures below. I hope you all had a wonderful V-day as well!

butter anyone?

off she goes

beautiful flowers from Tommy

best cracker ever!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

11 Month Photographs

Anna Dixon turned 14 months on Monday! I love watching her grow, but I wish I could make time stand still. I just realized I never posted some of the photographs we had taken of her a few months ago. So, here they are...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where is the...?

Anna Dixon is getting quite good at hiding things these days. Let's see...I found several of her toys in Tommy's sock drawer...a couple of her pacifiers in the drawer of the entertainment center...the remote control and two puzzle pieces in the desk drawer. But, my all time favorite was the other day when Tommy went to put on his shoes and found a pacifier in the toe of each one! She is a cute little mess!!

On the developmental front AD took her first independent steps yesterday in the dressing room of Ann Taylor Loft when her cousin, Samuel, coaxed her with some fruity cheerios! I think she will be walking very soon...oh boy!

Here are some recent pictures of our little mess...

deciding on a book

"playing" with Sadler

favorite new juice spot