Sunday, November 4, 2012

Whoo Whoo Whoopy Halloween!

Can you guess what Anna Dixon was for halloween...a "whoo whoo" owl! She was a champ again this year and wore the hat that went with her costume pretty much the whole day. She really got into it this year too. She loved her costume (even wanted to nap in it) and would answer "whoo whoo" whenever we asked her what the owl said. And, she really racked up on the candy this year. So far her favorites are dum dum suckers and M&Ms, but to be honest Tommy and I have been eating most of it so far! Life has been busy as summer has morphed into fall. So, I need to play catch up on the blog a little bit. I'll be posting more pictures soon, but for now here is our little whoot owl...

with her play group friends

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